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In 1864, a young entrepreneur from Ireland named Patrick Wall decided to follow his dream and founded a manufacturing company in Pittsburgh, PA. He named the new company P. Wall Manufacturing Company. Mr. Wall thus launched a distinguished career which spanned some fifty-seven years before relinquishing control of the company to a younger group of owners in 1921.

Some of the early products manufactured were oil cans, blow torches, plumber's furnaces, metal gongs used on horse-drawn street cars and in coal mines, and ice cans used for the production and transportation of ice before the advent of electrical refrigeration.

The success of electricity enabled the company to begin production of electric soldering tools which became the basis of the company's future product lines. A series of strategic company acquisitions beginning in the 1940's has allowed the company to continue diversification of its product lines. In 1966, all administrative and manufacturing operations were moved from Pennsylvania to their present location in Kinston, NC.

Today, Wall Lenk Corporation produces a diverse line of quality heated tools and is acknowledged as the respected leader in many of the markets it serves.