Electric soldering irons and soldering guns

150/100 Watt Soldering Gun Kit
A medium-duty soldering gun for a variety of soldering applications. Built-in spotlight illuminates the work area. Balanced tool design is more comfortable and easier to use. Tip heats up in less than 10 seconds. Quick change type tips can be easily changes within 30 seconds. Integral tool stand keeps heated part of the tool out of harm's way. Maximum tip temperature - 800°F. Includes: 150/100 Watt, 120 VAC, 2-Wire Professional Soldering Gun, Three Soldering Tips: WG991ST Soldering, WG991SMT Smoothing, WG991CT Cutting, 1/2 Ounce Lead Free Solder, Instruction Sheet, Reusable Clamshell Packaging.

PRICE: $63.99