Branding Tools

Multi-purpose, custom branding irons and tools

Craftmark Branding Tools: Owner's Mark
An Owner's Mark clearly identifies ownership, which can protect property from theft or avoid confusion of owners by stating:

PROPERTY OF (on 1st line)
NAME OF CHOICE (on 2nd line)

All letters are CAPS only, 3/16" high are standard
The length of a branding head is determined by the length of the line having the maximum number
of characters (numerals, letters, spaces).
The usual length for a branding head having 3/16" characters is 2 1/2 " to 3".
Six 3/16" characters require 1" in length. A maximum of twenty (20) 3/16" numerals, letters, and spaces
per line can be accommodated.
The height of the branding head is usually 1/2".

Please contact Customer Service with artwork requirements.

PRICE: $100.30